What if the secret to successful collaboration isn’t about winning?

In the new podcast episode of Collaboration Global’s “Being Human Hidden Depths”, Gill Tiney and I have a conversation in which I share my experiences in mediation and Aikido, and how these have informed the work I do with leaders and their teams.

Both “on the martial arts mat” and in the boardroom, we perform best when we are conscious of what we are doing, attentive to our colleagues, and committed to our shared learning and success. In both settings, we can gain valuable insights into our own strengths, weaknesses and assumptions, as well as those of our colleagues.

In Aikido, we work with our opponent’s energy, not against it. When an attack comes our way, our goal isn’t to fight back or defend, but to absorb and redirect the interaction into one of safety and mutual respect. We aim for balance, connection and unity. This is the same blueprint for strong collaborative performance, in’t it?

On the podcast, I share some of my own experiences in collaborative business encounters, and highlight some of the elements of successful collaboration. I also share how the principles of “Full Contact Performance” transcend the martial arts dojo and can permeate the workspace for truly grounded, creative and committed interactions.


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