We collaborate with our bodies

Think about the last time you were having a tough leadership conversation and realized that you were holding your breath. Or clenching your jaw. Or felt your heart pounding in your chest. Maybe you noticed all three of these natural bodily reactions happening at once.

That, of course, was your nervous system priming you for action, preparing your body to deal with a potentially threatening situation.

What a gift to have these exquisitely sensitive nervous systems monitoring everything we do, every interaction we have, helping us safely navigate life’s inevitable threats and challenges. Very often, without us even realizing it.

The only problem is that sometimes, this highly refined, 24/7 monitoring system can get glitchy. It can lead us to react to threats that aren’t really there or prime us to solve problems that don’t exist—or didn’t exist until we started treating them as problems.

In a recent podcast interview with M. K. Palmore on ITSPmagazine Podcast Network’s The Leadership Student Podcast, we talk about how tapping into the body’s wisdom and learning to manage our powerful (yet glitchy) nervous system is key to transforming our leadership performance.

Take a listen, and feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts about the role of the body in leadership.

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