Leaders: If you want to improve your team’s performance–become a better customer

If you lead a team or organization, you’re a Customer. And if you want to dramatically improve your team’s performance, you need to become a better Customer. Knowing more, having a more compelling vision, or being more charismatic are all great leadership attributes, but they’re not enough to transform and sustain your team’s performance. Sustained […]

Fast Company Article by Grayson James – October 20, 2023

3 Essential Types of Conversations Managers Should HaveWith Their People There are three types of conversations that every leader must master. These conversations aren’t just an exchange of words—they engage people’s imagination, commitment, energy, and intention. In this article in Fast Company, I describe each of these types of conversations and share some common pitfalls […]

When straight talk weakens your team’s performance

Most executives agree that honesty and straight talk are a good thing. Who wouldn’t want to hear what your colleagues really think and feel? I wouldn’t, for starters. To clarify, I think honesty is critical for performance. But I’ve also seen how it can inhibit good thinking and shut down engagement. I first learned this […]