How collaborative is your leadership? Read this article in Training Industry, Inc.

  On a continuum from “more authoritarian” to “more collaborative” leadership, how would you describe your own daily leadership orientation? How about when you’re feeling anxious, frustrated or impatient with how things are going? Under pressure, even leaders who are normally very collaborative often default towards the authoritarian side of things, even though they don’t […]

How collaborative is your leadership team?

Put a group of smart, creative and committed leaders together and you don’t automatically get a high performing, collaborative leadership team. You’ll often get something that looks more like a polite cage fight, with each player jockeying for position, working hard to avoid losing and maximize winning (winning = more authority, recognition, control, territory, headcount, […]

Trash your meeting agenda (and have a good conversation)

If there is one thing that almost every manager depends upon when preparing to lead a meeting, it’s the agenda. Agendas can be useful tools. They can inform folks about what kinds of topics and conversations to expect and how to prepare for them. They can provide an exo-skeleton for the meeting—an “objective” external structure […]

Next FullContact Leadership Coaching Groupstarts February 25th!

Challenging times are when centered, collaborative leaders are needed most. FullContact Leadership Coaching Groups help leaders cultivate new ways of embodying their leadership to help their teams thrive amidst continual change & complex challenges. These Leadership Coaching Groups meet every two weeks for coaching, reflection, peer dialogue, and immersion in the principles and practices of […]