If you work in an organization, you collaborate to get things done.

So, let’s clear the air.

Collaborative performance doesn’t mean everybody agrees or sees things the same way.

It isn’t watering down the best ideas to get buy-in.

And it isn’t an invitation for endless talk.

Collaborative performance is:

Learning together so everyone can see what they might not have seen before.

Designing goals, strategies, decisions, problems, and solutions that create value and satisfaction for customers and stakeholders alike.

Executing impeccably. This means making and managing valuable promises that align with the organization’s other commitments and generate high performance.

Practices that help bring out everybody’s best.

People perform at their best when they bring themselves fully to the work they do.

To foster this, leaders often must change some of their own habits, assumptions, and biases that limit the ways they see themselves and those with whom they work.

When leaders focus on cultivating themselves first, it can lead to new learning, enthusiasm, productivity, and even joy. It’s like an adventure involving our words, our bodies, our energy, and our attention.

And it always starts with ourselves.  Collaborative performance is an internal art.