Next FullContact Leadership Coaching Groupstarts February 25th!

Challenging times are when centered, collaborative leaders are needed most. FullContact Leadership Coaching Groups help leaders cultivate new ways of embodying their leadership to help their teams thrive amidst continual change & complex challenges.

These Leadership Coaching Groups meet every two weeks for coaching, reflection, peer dialogue, and immersion in the principles and practices of Full Contact leadership. As a leader, you’ll gain new awareness about yourself and your interactions, learn a new understanding of the role of language in leadership, and enhance your capacity for performing under pressure. You’ll also learn how to develop sustained collaborative performance on your teams.

FullContact Leadership Coaching Groups are open to leaders in any company and any industry, subject to application & personal interview.

The next FullContact Leadership Coaching group starts Thursday, February 25th from 10 to 11:30 am (Pacific) and meets every other week at the same time. Space is limited, so click here to learn more & submit an application.

You can also bring a Full Contact Leadership Coaching Group to your organization. Click to find out how.


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