Stop trying to change your colleagues. (It doesn’t work.)

A central tenet in my work with leaders and their teams is that we, ourselves, are where the real action is whenever we’re working with other people. This applies regardless of our role or seniority in the organization. When folks hear this, I get many different responses, including: “Wait, isn’t that kind of self-centered—don’t we […]

Authority Article – Leading in Turbulent Times

Although it’s a cliché to say that today’s business landscape is marked by uncertainty and turbulence, it’s helpful to remember that leaders everywhere are facing similar leadership challenges. And these challenges call for strategies—and ways of being—that are both resilient and adaptive. In a recent interview with Yitzi Weiner at Authority Magazine as part of […]

It’s just a matter of time for your company…

Five Ways Leaders Invite Avoidable Crisis and Five Ways Leaders Can Help Prevent Them (and Respond Effectively When They Do Occur) Read my recent article in World Financial Review No organization is immune to crisis, and crisis can come in any size or shape. Some strike out of the blue with no warning, but most […]