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Helping leaders and their teams transform their collaborative performance.

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What We Do

Wherever we work we help individuals and groups expand what they are seeing, how they are thinking, and what they are doing together to realize their goals and aspirations.

What’s the Problem?

We humans are conditioned to see ourselves and others in habitual ways. These habits aren’t always constructive, so we feel Pidgeon-holed. Or not heard. Or disrespected. Or disinterested. Too often, we react accordingly.

Our Approach

If you work in an organization, you collaborate to get things done. People perform at their best when they bring themselves fully to the work they do with others.

About Us

We are a collaborative team of changemakers with expertise in coaching, education, training, and facilitation who help leaders and organizations create the futures they seek.

About You

We don’t know you, of course, but we know lots of organizational leaders and their teams. Each of them is unique, as are you and your organization.

What's Next

A New Full Contact Leadership Forum will be starting in October 2023.

Full Contact Webinars

Join us for these informal Webinars with Grayson James to discuss topics from his new book, Full Contact Performance. In these 60 minute Webinars, Grayson will give an overview of one of the theme for the Webinar, followed by discussion, reflection and Q&A with the participants.

These Webinars are a great way to engage with Grayson and the Full Contact practices and apply them to your own work and life.

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Full Contact Performance

The Internal Art of Organizational Collaboration
By Grayson James